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I'm Jason Fallas, a self-taught product designer from Costa Rica, grateful to have built my career from multiple sales jobs since I was 14, to be able to work in Russia, US, and London helping 20+ global agencies and startups all over the world in industries such as, PR, finance, real estate, healthcare, car rental, and tourism.

I dropped out of high school to play drums for a living, but apparently that didn't work out. Eventually, music led me to design and design led me to life-changing events.



LEAD PRODUCT DESIGNEr | san fancisco

Currently leading product design at RedDoor, a Sacramento / San Francisco based start-up focused on building tech that elevates the home-buying experience. RedDoor products have been adopted by hundreds of users and backed up by some of the top investment and real estate firms in the Bay Area.

Jason is such a great product designer and thinker. The problem we’re solving is a complex one and he has a good eye in how to dig deep and simplify it from inside out. Glad to have him on the team.
khaled husein
reddoor | Founder



Product designer | dubai

I designed the product MVP for Invygo, the first app-based car subscription company in the Middle East. The Dubai based startup was accepted by 500 Startups and has raised 1 million USD in its Seed round. Invygo continues growing and improving their customer and product experience.




Product designer

I was asked to bring a product concept to life with the main purpose of pitching the project to several investors. The noble idea behind the business and the meaningful purpose of the product inspired me to craft the best possible solution.

I can’t thank Jason enough for all the support and professionalism during the process. His insights, the user journey process, and his experience, helped us to keep focused on the user experience with a beautiful design.
Andre Carajeleascov
Storkura | Founder



Product designer | Costa rica


2014 - 2015


UI designer | russia

Jason is an exceptional experience designer and a talented team leader. He is one of the top UX designers I've had the privilege to work with. He is a firm believer in design influencing product strategy and not just at the end of the development process. Jason also strongly advocates for the customer and uses data to make informed decisions.
jason smith
dotcms | co-founder & CDO
Visual design was my portal to products, and even though I still love good looking pixels, I decided to explore and learn what was beneath the surface. Over the last 3 years, I've been helping startups and shipping products totally from scratch, being part of the entire strategy and product cycle but also loving the final and sharp visuals. Feel free to check out my portfolio links for more about my work or reach out if you have any questions or exciting ideas.
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